Fall Leaf Collection


Northfield Center Township will begin the fall leaf collection cycle on Monday, October 26, 2020, weather permitting. This year we will, once again, be making continual rounds starting on October 26th and making one last final round starting on December 14th.

Each round will start counterclockwise with the starting point at Oviatt Dr. working Northward down the East side to Valley View Rd.  From there we will head Southward up the West side to W. Twinsburg Rd.  Next will be E. Twinsburg to Rolling Brooke then finish up the East side to Oviatt.

This operation can be more effective and efficient if the following policies are followed.  Failure to comply could potentially result in no collection.

1) Please rake leaves in 3 ft. to 4 ft. wide linear rows alongside the road starting at the road edge, and not to exceed 15 ft. from the road. If your property has ditches, keep leaf piles between the ditch and the road.  If you are unable to place leaves between the ditch and the road, place the leaves on the “house side” of the ditch as close to the ditch as possible.

2) Keep storm water systems clear of leaves to insure proper flow.  Do not cover catch basins or culvert pipes. Do not put leaves in the center of the ditch since it can cause flooding.  Additionally, wet leaves impair vacuuming.

3) Do not place leaves in the street, behind trees, mail boxes, over rocks, and maintain a 5 foot buffer from these items.

4) This is a leaf collection only.  Do not put sticks, branches, stones, mulch, grass clippings, ornamental grasses, trash, garden debris, etc. in the leaf piles.  These clog our machines and can cause extensive and costly damage and down time.  Piles containing debris will not be picked up.

5) Do not block leaves with vehicles because we cannot pick them up.

6) Any leaves remaining after the final pickup will have to be bagged by the homeowner and placed out with the rubbish.

Do to unforeseen circumstances, such as severe or inclement weather or equipment breakdowns, we may at times fall behind schedule.  With everyone’s cooperation the Leaf Collection will run smoother and quicker.  Direct your questions or comments concerning leaf collection to the Town Hall by phone, at 330-467-7646, ext. 11, or via email, at [email protected]

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation during the leaf collection.