The History of Northfield Center

Historic Northfield Center

On March 3, 1840, Summit County was created and included Northfield Township. The name Summit County was chosen because this area was the highest bordering on the Ohio Canal. Northfield Township was one of the more sought after townships because of its good location, and its many waterways for transportation: the Cuyahoga River is it western border, as is the Ohio Canal and the Township contains Indian and Brandywine Creeks.

The area of Northfield Township is six miles square. The communities which developed within the township are Brandywine, Macedonia, Northfield Center, Northfield Village and at that time Little York.

Northfield Center was so named because it was the center of Northfield Township. The first building at the Center was a school house, built in 1825. The first actual Town Hall was built in 1845 on the southwest section of the Square. In 1910 the existing brick structure was built at 9546 Brandywine Rd.

The town square was begun in 1832 with a donation of 1/2 acre to form the northwest corner. In 1833 another settler donated a 1/2 acre to form the southwest section. By the end of that year two other settler donated 1/2 acres to form the Town Square.

The Town Hall has been placed on the "National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of Interior."