Frequently Asked Questions

This page will be used to highlight responses to questions we receive frequently from residents!  

Q:  I often hear gunshots, in the distance, during the evenings.  Are people allowed to discharge firearms within the township?  

A:  In a nutshell, the Summit County Code (Chapter 549-Weapons and Offenses) prohibits discharging a firearm within 100 yards of an inhabited dwelling and the Ohio Revised Code restricts discharging into a dwelling and on or near certain properties such as schools, churches, and cemeteries. It should also be noted that it is prohibited to fire upon or over a roadway or highway. The laws also prohibit certain person(s) from handling or discharging firearm(s). These include convicted felons, those convicted of domestic violence, and person(s) under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

So what about the law abiding persons? Well, discharging or “target practice” is allowed as long as it is done in a SAFE manner (and in accord with Summit County Code stipulations).