Trustee 7pm Regular Meeting – Monday 4/3/23 – Public Hearing on Zoning Matters prior at 6:30pm:

Spectrum/Verita Work in Rolling Brooke

To all Rolling Brooke Development residents:

Spectrum will be installing a new cable line primarily along Brookside Lane. This means, effected properties will have their front yards possibly dug up. Most of the front yards in this development are utility easements. Utilities have the right to work in the easement. Anything that is placed or planted in the easement is the responsibility of the homeowner. Unfortunately, this means the utility can remove the item and not have to put it back. Spectrum will work with homeowners for special circumstances if reasonable. The Township does have a construction bond and a restoration bond from Spectrum for this project but restoration only has to be of a reasonable nature. The Township holds the restoration bond for a period of one year to assure the ground doesn’t unreasonably settle and that grass takes root. Verita Telecommunication will be doing the construction for Spectrum and the following is their contact information for any property issues/damages/concerns or questions. 

Administrative Assistant
Verità Telecommunications Corporation
Office 234.571.2212
Mobile 330.715.6696
[email protected]